Buying and Caring for Discount Golf Clubs

Golf is an amazing sport that is both art and science. But even if most people would like to swing it out in the greens, not everyone can play it. It is acceptable not to buy a new golf club set at the onset. You may be excited at first but you may later on discover that golf is not for you. If you purchase a new set, it will most likely get stored in your garage or attic, or you may just sell it at a very low price – not a good investment.

golf equipmentGolf equipment are not so affordable. The good news is that you don’t have to have a lot of money to enjoy golf or to involve a family member or a friend. You can do one of two things: rent golf clubs or buy second-hand ones.

To get a feel of the sport, go to your local driving range and use rental clubs. If you can go with friends who are pro golfers or enthusiasts, you can even borrow their clubs so that you can try the grip and swing. This way, you can recognize your skill or passion for the sport and identify what kind of clubs you need or if it is time to get your own set.

On the other hand, you can buy discount golf clubs or pre-owned sets for your child who is just beginning golf training, for your spouse who wants to make it her hobby, or as a spare set for yourself or a friend who is a casual golfer. You can get discount golf clubs in mint or barely used condition. You don’t have to spend a lot to make someone happy with golf. The only thing you need to remember is this – knowledge is power.

Buying Tips

Here are some tips that can help you make a good purchase on discount golf clubs:


  • Do ask the seller anything you need to know about the golf clubs. This is especially helpful when you consider wear and tear. Some golf clubs will look old because of age, meaning they have cosmetic flaws. Some wears will affect the quality of your performance.
  • Do get a feel of the clubs. It is important that you try them out by making some swings with real balls. You have to get a good feel of the club, it should perfectly fit your grip and the weight and flexibility should feel right. A seller who won’t allow you to try out the clubs may be hiding something.
  • Make sure that you buy from reliable sources. Be wary about online sellers who do not seem trustworthy. Ask them questions and if they don’t give you clear answers, don’t waste your time and money on them. It will be helpful if the sellers will allow you to make a physical examination of the goods before final purchase. Moreover, watch out for sellers that do not offer buyer protection for online transactions.


  • Do not overspend. Make sure that you know what you need and buy it. You may be tempted to buy golf equipment just because they seem affordable, but if you don’t see yourself using them, they will just collect dust in your garage or shelf.
  • Do not buy something that is cheap but faulty. You have to think about the additional cost for fixing it.
  • Moreover, while the primary goal may be to save money, keep in mind that technology changes and the sport is improving as the years go by. Some golf sets may not be up-to-date and will not help with your performance at all. For example, some irons have been improved with perimeter weighting. This permits beginner golf payers to make slow swings that will still solidly hit the ball. Even if you make an inaccurate swing, the weight makes a difference in going for a straight shot.

Care and Maintenance

So, you’ve bought your very first golf set. It doesn’t matter if it is new or pre-owned, caring for your clubs is very important. If it’s new, proper maintenance will keep them looking good and performing well. If they are discount golf clubs, appropriate care will keep them in good condition for a longer time. Here are some good advice on how you can take care of your precious clubs:

1. Before you go to the golf course, make sure that all the golf clubs are in your bag and in good condition. Do not use a club that may have even the slightest bend as you may cause it more damage.

2. The golf bag must have enough dividers so that the clubs are not knocked together while being moved around. Make sure the golf bag has soft edges for extra protection.

3. There is no way you can prevent scratches but you can use a head cover for so that you can limit the grazes and tarnishes that your clubs will get over time. Club head covers will also lessen any damage should clubs clash against each other.

4. Always bring a towel with you in the greens. As you play, in between shots, make sure that you wipe off the club face after you make the shot to keep it clean and dry. This will prevent rust.

Keep in mind that regular care and maintenance of your golf clubs should not be considered a chore. Respect your golf clubs as the most important part of the sport and you should not take small concerns lightly, even if it is just dust or moisture.

Passion for Golf Fashion

Move over Milan, Paris and New York, there is a new runway in town, where the best of the best flaunt their wardrobes to the fullest for four straight days. It is called the golf course.The models are the players themselves, they walk in pairs or in threes in long luscious green fairways instead of a ramp and take turns showing their stuff at the center stage which for them is actually the green.

While Belen Mozo is the endorser of one of the PGA’s top golfer that they have to hit golf ball every hundred-yard or so. Who are those fashion icons in the world of ladies’ golf and who could give Naomi, Kate or Rosie a run for their money?

Starting with the cream of the crop, Paula Creamer, whose all pink attire from top to bottom is an attraction in itself. The 2010 U.S. Women’s Champion is considered to be the finest dresser on the ladies tour.

A definite head turner both inside and outside the golf course, Creamer is the true epitome of an athlete that could still look like a fine young lady while playing a sport. She has her own signature sun glasses as well as a golf shoe that she designed for one of the top athletic brands in the world.

golfSpanish native Beatriz Recari has everything going for her. She has the looks, the height and the face of a fashion model. Her sense of fashion while on the links could be tagged as simple but elegant. Using pastel colors for her upper attire and same colored skirts or pants to go with it.

Michelle Wie, the youngest qualifier to ever have joined the U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links Championship and won has all the trappings of a real fashion icon.

University of Alabama alum Brooke Pancake is the image model for golf apparel whose name is based on a perfect golf score and Belen Mozo endorses the clothing line of one of the PGA tour’s top players.

The Korean players like Se Ri Pak, Inbee Park and IK Kim have their own style by wearing shirts over their long sleeved garb.

Paige Mackenzie, who turned professional in 2006, has the fresh style of dressing up on the fairways. Once in a while you would see her wearing a top to bottom buttoned shirt which really looks good on her. She prefers the lighter colors for her wardrobe which is exactly the opposite of what her colleagues wear.

Australian model and professional golfer for both the Ladies European Tour and the Ladies Professional Golf Association Anna Rawson lends her ideas to a famous company that deals with golf apparel. Her own personal outfits on and off the golf course, especially the flare of the skirts she chooses to wear, are to die for which not only made her a crowd favorite but a media attention grabber as well.

Pattern heavy is the style of Japanese professional golfer Ai Miyazato for both shirts and pants. Contrasting designs are hard to pull off but Miyazato gets away with it and could carry the combination of golf apparel with flying colors.

For fellow country womanMomoko Ueda, shekeeps it balanced, using plain bright colored tops with fancy pants.

For Sharmila Nicollet of India, the youngest player from her country to get accepted in the European Tour for women, comfort is the name of the game.

Shirts with prints and skirts that allow her to move freely while swinging and putting are the choices of the beautiful lady from Bangalore.

Veronica Felibertendorses the togs she wears from a company that is based in Canada. Ironically the company does not have a golf apparel line so the Venezuelan native showcases outfits from the company’s running collections. She is their first model for the sport of golf and with the way she carries it, could mean a long lasting business relationship for both.

In professional ladies golf, everyone has her own style.

For the average golfer just always remember one thing when it comes to golf apparels, “If you cannot play, then just display”.

How to Reduce the Chances of Burglaries Using Depository Safes

lockerA lot of people still use cash when shopping in retail outlets. With an amount of available on the premises, it could be a big temptation for burglars to resist. Burglars and thieves are interested in cash as they can easily be used or dispensed without fear of being traced. It is wise for store owners to make sure that the money the collect in their stores are safe from these bad elements.

On top of the list of security measures for establishments with cash in their premises is using depository safes. Depository safes, or drop safes, are distinct from regular safes in that they have slots to insert or drop money into them, keeping them safe inside until an authorized person opens the lock.These safes are especially useful in retail stores or convenience stores where there are large amounts of cash.

There are types light enough to be attached below a counter, but strong enough not to be easily destroyed or tampered with. Just bear in mind that depository safes are intended to keep cash temporarily. This means that they are used during day time operations only. Cash stored in them should be transferred or deposited to the bank immediately at the end of the day.

Here are some more tips on how to protect your store from burglaries:

1. Have your employees smile and greet all persons that enter your establishment. This way, they will become conscious of everyone. Plus, it’s also good customer service that will make your patrons feel more at home. Studies show that robbers usually target store workers that don’t pay attention to the people coming into the store.

2. Reduce accessibility to large amounts of cash inside the premises. Have a set amount of money stored in the cash register and make all your workers aware of it. If possible, do not accept large bills as payment.

3. Instruct your staff to immediately deposit the cash in the register to the drop safe once a set amount is reached. Some safes are featured with the facility to supply loose cash or change in timed intervals. Choose depository safes that are fitted with time delay locks. Robbers would want to get in and out as quickly as possible. They will never wait too long to get their stash.

4. Use appropriate markings or signs that let potential burglars know about your store’s security programs. Put up signs such as “Time Lock Safe, Staff Cannot Open,” “Surveillance Cameras Present,” “We Keep Minimum Cash at All Times.” You can be creative.

5. Hire professional trainers to teach your staff on what to do in case a burglary happens. Make use of role playing to give them enough confidence.

6. Establish the quantity of cash collection points to a bare minimum. If possible, fuse them all together in one place and have extra tight security in that area.

7. Have your cash collection point in the area of your store where there is a high presence of authorized people. The more witnesses are there, the lesser is the chance of a burglary.

8. Consider installing video surveillance cameras for best protection and make them obvious. If doable, flash the cameras output on a monitor large enough for the customers to recognize themselves inside the store. This could make potential robbers think twice before they execute their plan.

Depository safes can help you a lot when it comes to preventing potential robberies in your store. But, this is just one security measure. It is important to train your employees to be alert all the time and to handle these situations properly so that loss is minimized and no one gets hurt.